Students Visit EULEX

20 January 2016

Today, the EULEX Mission hosted approximately 140 students for a lecture focused on the work of EULEX and the challenges it faces in implementing its mandate. The lecture marks the third time that EULEX has hosted students for such an initiative.

The group of students visited EULEX as a part of the programme of the European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA), a project funded by the European Commission. The EMA is an intensive one-year academic programme where students from EU-countries, EU candidate states, and non-European countries study about human rights and democratisation. 

These students had the chance to engage with EULEX staff and partake in a series of presentations facilitated by the Deputy Head of PPIO, Dragana Nikolic Solomon. 

One of the key presentations delivered was by the Head of the EULEX Mission, Gabriele Meucci. Mr. Meucci outlined the work of EULEX, its mandate, achievements, and some of the challenges that justice institutions face, including political interference.

Other presentations were held by EULEX judge, Katja Dominik, and EULEX prosecutor, Robert Kucharski. Their presentations focused on the justice system, and more specifically the everyday activities of EULEX judges and prosecutors. 

A lively and dynamic discussion followed, triggering numerous questions from the students.