Students from Germany, France Serbia and Kosovo visit EULEX

31 October 2016

Today, a group of 25 students from Germany, France Serbia and Kosovo visited EULEX to find out more about the role of the Mission in adjudicating war crimes . The group of students visited EULEX as a part of their seminar programme jointly organised by HLC Kosovo, Franco-German Youth Office, Youth Initiative for Human Rights Belgrade, Community Building Mitrovica, ALTEA France, Max-Mannheimer-Studienzentrum Dachau under the subject  “Justice without reconciliation? War crime trials in Europe since 1945.”  

The students were able to take part in an interactive discussion, facilitated by the Head of PPIO, Dragana Nikolic Solomon who outlined the EULEX mandate and Mission’s achievements. The EULEX judges, Dariusz Sielicki, Piotr Bojarczuk and EULEX prosecutor, Paul Flynn gave detailed presentations focused on the achievements and obstacles in conducting and prosecuting the war crimes trials in Kosovo.