Kosovo Police: Raising International Police Cooperation Awareness

25 November 2016

As part of the training aimed at raising the international police cooperation, EULEX Mission held a week long course for Kosovo Police, KP, in order to enhance its performance and raise awareness of the KP investigative units regarding the international police cooperation instruments and channels. Several external consultants, specialised in INTERPOL Standards and Services, as well other international police cooperation instruments and channels carried out the training.

Since Kosovo Police is not yet a formal member of INTERPOL and EUROPOL, their duties related to international police cooperation are facilitated through the EULEX International Police Cooperation Unit (IPCU), UNMIK Interpol Liaison Office and European Union Office of Criminal Intelligence (EUOCIU).

During the four day course, KP officers were trained how to handle the most pressing criminal threats facing Kosovo and EU, involving international counterparts and neighboring countries. The training covered topics related to threats, such as terrorism, cybercrime and human trafficking. Special attention was paid to tools and instruments from the European Commission such as: "European Agenda on Security", "European Agenda on Migration" and "European Action Plan against Migrant Smuggling". The focus was also on mutual legal assistance, confiscation of assets and extraditions with countries where bilateral agreements are set in place.

Vincenzo Giancarlo Cardinale, EULEX Head of International Police Cooperation Unit, welcomed the training tailored especially for the case managers from the KP Department of Organised Crime, Economic Crime, Anti-Corruption Task force, DIA, Extradition Unit and Ministry of Justice.

“Nowadays the international police cooperation is vital, crucial and fundamental.  I am happy that through this training KP’s capability to use the correct channel for the information exchange, including setting up of joint investigation teams in specific cases was further strengthened, ” concluded Vincenzo Giancarlo Cardinale at the end of this training.