Enhancing Capacities of Kosovo Rule of Law Institutions to Deal with Cases of Hate Crime

13 December 2016

EULEX  Strengthening Division organised a two day workshop for Kosovo Police, Prosecution and Judiciary involved in processing hate crime cases. The workshop was held on the 8 and 9 of December 2016 in Pristina.
Based on ongoing monitoring, mentoring and advising activities of the Mission and continued interaction with Kosovo Rule of Law institutions, EULEX identified potential discrepancies in the number of potential hate crime incidents occurring within communities mainly between the reporting and investigation of those offences. In addition, Kosovo Rule of Law institutions have expressed a desire for a harmonised understanding of what constitutes a hate crime and more coordinated response and  effective partnership approach when processing such cases. The workshop therefore aimed to facilitate further advancement in cooperation, coordination and interoperability between  the relevant Kosovo Rule of Law institutions.
The workshop was organised in an interactive roundtable discussion aimed at identifying the need for more harmonised approach to definition and response activities related to inter-ethnic crime or related incidents. The organiser of this workshop, Mark Dixon, a EULEX Advisor to KP Deputy General Director of Operations, stated: “This workshop can assist in promoting access to justice for victims and increase the trust of minority communities, who are often disproportionately affected by such crimes.”
After the workshop EULEX experts will develop a curriculum addressing the legal framework examples based on best European practices regarding interethnic incidents for local  counterparts.   A draft common written framework will be produced consensually with all the participants of the roundtable, as a standard reference for establishing a common cross-institutional definition of interethnic incidents together with a common statistical framework, where all designated RoL institutions will have access and share information on all relevant cases.