EULEX Workshop for enhancing the implementation of intelligence led policing

29 March 2018

The EULEX mission has organized a training workshop on intelligence led policing (ILP) and strategic planning for Kosovo Police (KP).

The three day training began yesterday and will focus on how to integrate ILP into Kosovo police policies, procedures and activities at a managerial level. 

EULEX and The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces in Ljubljana (DCAF) are co-facilitating the workshop.  On the panel, Mr Rupnik Andrej, DCAF Assistant Director and Programme Manager is providing the training and co-chairing with Mr Srečko Jarc, Deputy Head of the Advisory Unit Police and Border Matters.

“We are preparing this workshop for senior Kosovo police officers. This training for officers at the top level will improve strategic planning and capacity of the Kosovo police” said Mr Srečko Jarc.

The training is part of an overall strategic development project, ‘Enhancing the implementation of the Intelligence Led Policing and Strategic Planning at Kosovo Police management level’ that aims to address any weaknesses within the current system and improve the ILP capabilities of KP.

“The aim of the event is to establish an exchange of knowledge with Kosovo police on strategic planning for the long and mid-term future. Planning needs to be done in a way that the goals are feasible and there are enough resources for the project to work.  Kosovo police will be able to use this information and prepare their own sustainable strategic planning”, said Mr Andrej Rupnik.

During the workshop participants were given the opportunity to interact with the panel and ask any questions about the training.

“This event is extremely beneficial for Kosovo police.  It’s more thinking outside the box and so it is crucial for us to see the European perspective on intelligent planning”, said one participant.

According to Naim Rexha, Deputy General Director of Police Operations, the benefits of this workshop will go beyond the three days here. “Moving forward from this experience we can take on board the training and work on our own strategy and work towards achieving our future aims”, he said.

EULEX will continue to offer support as KP progresses in implementing ILP at both a managerial and practical level.