EULEX concluded the handover process of case files to Kosovo authorities

14 January 2019

EULEX concluded in December 2018 the handover of police, prosecutorial and judicial case files to Kosovo authorities.
In total, EULEX handed over 495 organized crime police case files, 434 war crime police case files, missing persons' case files, judicial case files handled only by EULEX, and more than 1.400 prosecutorial case files.
The prosecutorial case files consisted of ongoing cases, cases which were dismissed or terminated, and cases which were completed and archived by EULEX.
Most of these case files are related to war crimes, organized crime, corruption and other serious crimes.
To hand over a complete file to the Kosovo authorities, EULEX staff
-reviewed the files to ensure that all documents are in chronological order and prepared an index;
-translated all documents when needed;
-prepared and signed a handover note with a summary of each case;
-delivered the case file to the Kosovo prosecution offices.
In line with its new mandate, EULEX will no longer have prosecutors and judges embedded in the Kosovo judicial system.
However, the Mission will continue to work in partnership with Kosovo institutions as they are taking over responsibility in the rule of law, providing robust monitoring of selected cases dealt with by local authorities.