Amsterdam University College students visit EULEX

13 June 2019

A knowledgeable, curious and very interactive group of some 25 Amsterdam University College students visited EULEX today and learned more about the work we do, the challenges we face, and the results we achieve on the ground.

The Head of EULEX’s Press Office, Ioanna Lachana, together with Political Officer, Naim Hajdari had a lively discussion with the students, focused on the main areas of our mandate and activities.

Through an interactive game, the Amsterdam University College students also had the opportunity to test their existing knowledge on EULEX, as well as learn much more about specific topics such as case monitoring, gender mainstreaming, human rights, international police cooperation, and the work of our Formed Police Unit. The students gave an emphasis on the recent change of mandate and on how the Mission coped with the reconfiguration process, especially the handover of all case files previously dealt with by EULEX to the local authorities. A very popular topic of discussion was also our cooperation with the Kosovo Police as a second security responder and as a partner in a capacity building process in various fields.