EULEX conducts medical training courses for Kosovo Correctional Service staff

02 July 2019

The EULEX Medical Unit, in cooperation with the EULEX Correctional Unit, launched on 27 June the next series of medical training courses for the staff of the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS).

The first training session, which took place in the Smrekonica/Smrekovnica Correctional Center, focused on first aid provision in emergency situations and the implementation of the ERC Protocol for Basic Life Support. The series of medical trainings will continue in the following months in other Kosovo correctional facilities.

The medical training program was first developed back in 2016 to address the need of having trained non-medical staff in the KCS. As a result, EULEX organized 31 successful training sessions in 2016 for 419 staff members of the KCS.

To conduct the training courses, EULEX’s Medical Unit provides six medical instructors and the necessary equipment, while EULEX’s Correctional Unit is responsible for planning and executing the courses.