EULEX representative speaks at the Annual Assembly of the Association of Women in Kosovo Correctional Service

11 December 2019

On 11 December, the Association of Women in Kosovo Correctional  Service held its annual assembly and presented the its annual report. During the annual assembly, which was supported by the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, EULEX Transition Coordinator, Alina Laura Matache, spoke about the journey of EULEX’s involvement and work with the Association, highlighting the results achieved.

“Through our work together, we realized that the most important thing is the motivation of the staff. Everyone involved was eager to contribute to a successful prison system that equals to a safer society. All Kosovo Correctional Service staff works daily with passion and dedication to contribute to the Kosovo society, promoting safety and helping the inmates re-integrate in the society,” said Matache. 

The EULEX Transition Coordinator also stressed that the Association of Women in Kosovo Correctional Service “is about each and every member that is part of it.”

“Each and every one of you has a responsibility to make the association grow, to expand it, and to come up with ideas for professional training and workshops. Passion, motivation and working together – this is what the association is about,” said Matache.

EULEX has supported the Association of Women in Kosovo Correctional Service through the organization of workshops, training courses, and study visits.