There’s No One-Secret-Fits-All – EULEX Prosecutor Inspires University Students

13 June 2017

Peja, June 8, 2017 – Students with the Demand for Justice (D4J) Legal Clinic Program at the University of Peja had an excellent opportunity to learn from the extensive international experience of EULEX Prosecutor Drew Engel (U.S.).
In his lecture “The Secret to a Successful Examination” Engel talked about ways to help future clients, the steps to follow for a successful direct- and cross-examination of a witness, and the effective use of the right to “object” to prosecutorial questions.

Engel also provided advice regarding the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of protecting clients’ rights as well as tips on how to overcome other challenges unique to the practice of law. Clinic students walked out of the lecture with an important lesson from Engel. He encouraged the participants to identify what works best for them and stressed that there is no one “Secret(s)” that fits all situations during client representation in court. Engel concluded by motivating students to be well-prepared and exhibit confidence in the courtroom.

This was the third lecture of Prosecutor Engel in the scope of the D4J Program, strengthening the cooperation between the D4J and the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) in Kosovo. The D4J appreciates the cooperation with EULEX in its pursuit to establish affordable, Kosovo Bar Association (KBA)-led, pro bono driven clinical education for all interested Kosovo law faculties.

The University of Peja Live Criminal Law Clinic is supported by the D4J Program. It offers Faculty of Law students the opportunity to assist KBA advocates in their pro bono representation of poor criminal defendants. The Clinic serves 16 students, each of whom will have the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge in practice by working on live legal cases under the mentorship of a KBA advocate during their fourth year of law school or Master’s degree program.

Demand for Justice Program aims to empower citizen demand for justice in Kosovo. This program is implemented by NCSC and supported by the US Department of State/Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL).