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December 2015

Supreme Court Returns KEK Case to Main Trial

15 December 2015

The SPRK filed an indictment last January against 7 defendants for alleged corruption involving the public utility company, Kosovo Energy Corporation, KEK. The indictment alleges various criminal offences of fraud, falsifying documents, abuse of official position of authority and entering harmful contracts.

EULEX DFM Solves Fate of Two Missing Persons

08 December 2015

Following the exhumations that took place on August 25, 2015 in Krusha e Vogel/Mala Krusa in the Municipality of Prizren, and the subsequent analysis of DNA results received, EULEX DFM has managed to solve the fate of two missing persons. One victim of the March 26, 1999 Krusha e Vogel/Mala Krusa massacre was identified.

November 2015

Protection of the Public Health from counterfeit goods

25 November 2015

As part of its mandate to support the Kosovo Customs Service, EULEX’s Strengthening Division has organised a one day Workshop on 25 November, 2015 in Pristina. A public awareness campaign was also launched during the workshop to highlight the risk of health and safety hazards when buying counterfeit goods.

EULEX facilitates workshop on road traffic safety

26 November 2015

Yesterday, EULEX facilitated a roundtable discussion on road traffic safety in Pristina. The roundtable was opened by EULEX Deputy Head of Strengthening Division, Martin Cunningham and attended by Deputy General Director of Kosovo Police Naim Rexha.

EULEX Donates IT Equipment to the Kosovo Judicial Council

25 November 2015

Today, EULEX provided IT equipment to the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) to support the ongoing process of judicial integration. Along with supporting Kosovo Rule of Law institutions through Monitoring, Mentoring and Advising, EULEX continues to donate equipment to Kosovo institutions.

EULEX Mission on Request by Local Authorities to Waive the Immunity of a Former Staff Member

11 November 2015

The EULEX Mission reiterates that it has received a request from Kosovo authorities to waive the immunity of a former staff member.

September 2015

EULEX Sends Humanitarian Aid for Refugees and Migrants in Serbia

23 September 2015

On Monday, 21 September, a convoy of five EULEX trucks, trailers, and a crane arrived in Belgrade carrying humanitarian aid for refugees and migrants in Serbia.

JOINT PRESS RELEASE: Meeting of the Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board held in Pristina

16 September 2015

Pristina, 16 September 2015 - Minister of Justice, Prof. Dr. Hajredin Kuçi, together with the Head of EULEX Mission in Kosovo, Gabriele Meucci, the Head of the EU Office/EUSR, Samuel Zbogar, Chair of the Kosovo Judicial Council Enver Peci, and the Chair of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Alexander Lumezi held a meeting of the Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board.

August 2015

EULEX Head of Mission on the International Day of the Disappeared

29 August 2015

Tomorrow, 30 August, marks the International Day of the Disappeared.

EULEX HoM Meets Minister of Justice

26 August 2015

EULEX Head of Mission, Gabriele Meucci, and the Minister of Justice, Hajredin Kuci, met today to discuss ongoing issues on the judiciary in Kosovo.

EULEX HoM Meets Deputy PM

21 August 2015

Deputy Prime Minister Branimir Stojanović met today with EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci...

EULEX HoM meets PM

18 August 2015

EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci and the Prime Minister Isa Mustafa...

Kosovo Deserves Better

14 August 2015

Gabriele Meucci - EULEX Head of Mission: I was disappointed to see the results, released in June, of the 2015 Freedom House report on Nations in Transit.

Verdict for armed robbery in Bahrain

08 August 2015

Yesterday, a judicial panel of two international judges and one local Judge, at the Pristina Basic Court, pronounced a verdict for an armed robbery case, which happened in Bahrain.

July 2015

Guilty verdict in Vushtrri/Vučitrn murder case carries 15 years of imprisonment

31 July 2015

Yesterday a judicial panel of three international Judges, at the Mitrovica Basic Court, pronounced a guilty verdict in a murder case, which happened 22 March 2013 in Vushtrri/Vučitrn.

At 12th Handover since beginning of 2015, EULEX donates 37 vehicles to Kosovo Police

23 July 2015

Today, EULEX handed over 37 vehicles and 37 roof racks to three Kosovo Police (KP) units.

EULEX Statement Regarding the Establishment of Specialist Chambers

07 July 2015

In relation to reports published this afternoon by the Kosovo media, regarding the establishment of the Specialist Chambers...

May 2015

Drenica 2 Verdict

27 May 2015

Today a judicial panel at the Mitrovica Basic Court pronounced the verdict of the Drenica 2 case.

Drenica 1 Verdict

27 May 2015

Today a judicial panel at Mitrovica Basic Court pronounced the verdicts in the Drenica Case I.

EULEX marks the International Day Against Homophobia

16 May 2015

On May 17, EULEX Mission will fly the Rainbow flag at Farmed Building, commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia.

Top Kosovo Judicial Bodies, EU Office and EULEX sign second "Compact" to foster the rule of law

14 May 2015

The three co-chairs of the JRCB, Minister of Justice Hajredin Kuçi, Head of EU Office in Kosovo/EUSR, Samuel Žbogar and EULEX Head of Mission, Gabriele Meucci, signed...

One person injured in helicopter incident at Pristina airport

12 May 2015

On 12 May 2015, 3:00 p.m., at the Pristina airport a helicopter owned and operated by the Starlite Aviation company, contracted by the EULEX Mission in Kosovo to provide transportation services, had an accident during an emergency landing.

April 2015

EULEX response to allegations of wrongdoing in regards to exhumations

30 April 2015

The Media published incorrect reports on the 28 and 29 of April in regards to the exhumation in Llaushë/Lauša village.

Remains recovered in Llaushë/Lauša village

27 April 2015

On December 2014 during a unrelated reconnaissance visit to a suspected grave in the area of Llaushe village, Skenderaj/ Srbica, the Department of Forensic Medicine was approached by residents of Llaushë/Lauša village who indicated a possible burial location in the village cemetery.

EULEX in response to arrest operation

23 April 2015

Regarding yesterday's news in connection to an arrest warrant issued by an international judge in a case of a person who was already in prison, EULEX considers the matter as in the purview of the relevant Kosovo Institutions.

Clarification by EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci

22 April 2015

On 20 April 2015, EULEX Prosecutor Heikki Wendorf, addressed a letter to the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga in which he referred to information pertaining to the Chief State Prosecutor Aleksander Lumezi.

Two defendants acquitted in Zymberi case

20 April 2015

On 20 April, a panel of three international judges at the Basic Court Of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica rendered the verdict in criminal case Pnr. 59/2014. The case is related to the murder of the Kosovo Police Officer Enver Zymberi, who was killed on 26 July 2011, in the attack against Kosovo Police convoy.

The remains of 21 victims buried today

17 April 2015

The remains of 21 individuals, handed over this week to their families by the Department of Forensic Medicine (DFM), were buried today.

First step in handover of the remains of 28 victims found in Raska to the families

02 April 2015

Today, the Department of Forensic Medicine (DFM) met with the families of 28 victims found in the mass grave at Rudnica, Raska last year.

March 2015

Public information on judiciary proceedings transferred to Kosovo Institutions

27 March 2015

Today in a joint letter signed by the Heads of EULEX, Kosovo’s Prosecutorial Council and Kosovo’s Judicial Council, Kosovo Institutions take responsibility for keeping media and the wider public informed of the court and prosecution activities in Kosovo.

Joint operation by Kosovo Police and EULEX Police leads to ten arrests

25 March 2015

Today, the Kosovo Police - Mitrovica South Regional Investigation Unit and EULEX Police - Organised Crime Unit, conducted searches at six locations in the municipality of Vushtrri/Vucitrn.

Žbogar and Meucci presented facts to Krasniqi

13 March 2015

Yesterday, Head of the EU Office in Kosovo / EU Special Representative Samuel Žbogar and Head of the European Union Rule of Law mission in Kosovo – EULEX Gabriele Meucci met with Mr. Jakup Krasniqi, President of the National Council of NISMA.

Meucci welcomes the meeting between Kosovo and Serb Police Directors

11 March 2015

EULEX Head of Mission Gabriele Meucci today welcomed the meeting held in Belgrade on 10 March 2015 between the Kosovo Police General Director Shpend Maxhuni and the Serbian Police Director Milorad Veljović.

Press Statement by Gabriele Meucci, EULEX Head of Mission

08 March 2015

Today, EULEX will be joining the many people around the world in celebrating International Women’s Day, a day where we have the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while recognising the need and calling for greater equality. It is also a moment to reflect on struggles many women still face around the world in achieving greater equality.

Defendant Acquitted in Peja/ Peć

06 March 2015

On 3 March 2015 a mixed panel of two international judges and one local judge acquitted the defendant K.H., of the offence of Aggravated Murder, following a main trial at the Basic Court of Peja/Peć. The trial panel found that there were circumstances that excluded the defendant's criminal liability and it was not proven the accused had committed the act, he was charged with.

February 2015

Guilty Plea Agreement Negotiated at the Basic Court of Ferizaj/Uroševac

27 February 2015

On 25 February 2015 at the Basic Court of Ferizaj /Uroševac (sitting in Kaçanik/Kačanik) a mixed panel of judges comprising two international judges and one local judge, confirmed a guilty plea agreement negotiated between SPRK and the defendant, R.A. from Ferizaj/ Uroševac. The defendant was charged with Causing General Danger, Unauthorised Possession of a Firearm and Unlawful Use of a Firearm.

Minister of Justice and Head of EULEX discuss justice priorities

11 February 2015

Today, Gabriele Meucci, EULEX Head of Mission met Minister of Justice Hajredin Kuçi. The Minister briefed the HOM on the Brussels facilitated Pristina/Belgrade agreement on the integration of the judiciary.

Verdict in Trading of Influence in Co-perpetration case

05 February 2015

Yesterday at the Basic Court of Pristina, two defendants H.T. and B.D. were convicted of the offence of Trading in Influence in Co-perpetration in violation of Articles 345 (1) and 23 CCK 2003.

January 2015

Indictment filed in terrorism case

26 January 2015

The SPRK has filed last Friday an indictment with the Basic Court of Pristina against five defendants charged with various terrorism-related offences, including – organization and direction of a terrorist group;

Indictment filed in organised crime case

20 January 2015

Yesterday, the SPRK filed an indictment against five persons for various criminal offences, including - Organized Crime;

Indictment filed in KEK corruption case

16 January 2015

The SPRK has filed an indictment against corruption involving the public utility company, Kosovo Energy Corporation, KEK.

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