Konkurset për praktikant ndërkombëtar

Konkurset për praktikant ndërkombëtar

Nuk ka ndonjë pozitë të lirë në këtë kohë.

Konkurset për praktikant ndërkombëtar

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Who can apply for an internship with EULEX?

The citizens of EU Member States and the citizens of Third States contributing to EULEX (Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, USA and Canada) can apply for internships unless the person concerned is a permanent resident in Kosovo.

What is the meaning of "supported" and "direct" applicants?

Supported applicants are those candidates that are supported or nominated through their national authorities; e.g., Ministries of Foreign Affairs, national development agencies, etc. Direct applicants are those candidates that do not have the option of support from national authorities and apply directly to the mission. Supported applicants must send their applications through their national authorities and EULEX will only consider them valid through these channels.

What are the basic requirements?

Applicants need to have completed three years of university studies corresponding to a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field. If enrolled in further studies, e.g., for a Master or Ph.D. degree, this will – if stated in the job description, be considered an asset.

Do I need to have a driver's license?

No. As interns are not eligible to drive EULEX vehicles, a driver's license is not a requirement.

Do I need to submit copies of degrees or other copies with my application?

No. Applicants only need to submit the application form thoroughly completed as this will be the first stage of assessing candidates. On entry to the mission, interns need to submit copies of passport, medical certificate, criminal record certificate, and university degree including proof of enrolment in further studies, if applicable.

Can I send more than one application form?

No, we can only accept one application per person, position and announcement. If more than one application are submitted only the last application will be considered.

Where in Kosovo will I serve?

Interns are currently serving only in Pristina.

How long is the internship for and can it be extended?

The internship lasts 5 months and it cannot be extended.

Can I immediately apply for regular positions at EULEX during my internship?

No. Interns cannot apply for regular positions during their internship nor for the next six months following the end of the internship.

Is the internship paid?

Interns receive 750 Euro allowance per month as a compensation for their living expenses. It is the interns' own responsibility to ensure whether such an allowance is taxable in their own country.

Am I insured by EULEX during my internship?

Yes. EULEX provides a comprehensive insurance coverage for the duration of the internship only. All other insurances are the responsibility of the intern.

If selected, does EULEX cover my travel costs to and from the mission?

No. All travel costs to and from the mission must be covered by the intern or his/her supporting authority.

Do interns accrue leave days?

Yes. Interns do accrue 2 leave days per month and enjoy the same official holidays and weekends, as regular EULEX staff members do.

A family member of mine is working at EULEX, is this a problem?

Not in principle. If interns have any relatives working at EULEX, this needs to be stated in the application form and only in cases of a possible conflict of interest, this will be taken into account.

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Can you inform me about the status of my application?

Only applicants who have been shortlisted and called for an interview will be kept informed about the status of their application, either directly by the Mission for direct applicants or through their nominating authorities for the sponsored ones. All other applicants should assume that if they do not receive any notification by the time a new internship programme is published, their application has been unsuccessful.

Do I need to apply again in a new internship programme if I am still waiting to hear the outcome of my previous application?

If you have heard nothing you should assume your first application was unsuccessful and you are welcome to apply again.

I would like to make an update to my submitted application: how can I do this?

You can send an updated application form with explanations only before the deadline for submission of applications of the specific internship programme.

Can I send my application at any time for possible future positions?

No, only applications submitted before the application deadline and through the proper channels can be considered. Other applications outside of this timeframe will be disregarded.

Do I need to sign the electronic version of the application form?

No signature is required when filling and sending the electronic version of the application form. However by submitting the form you are vouching for the accurateness of the information provided. Any misleading statement may lead to your exclusion from the selection process or to a termination of the internship.

How will I be notified if I am selected for interview?

Usually candidates are notified by e-mail.

I was interviewed but have not heard anything further?

We endeavour to notify all interviewees of the outcome of their interview. Occasionally due to the very large numbers of applications and interviews delays might occur.

I fulfil the requirements asked for in the job description but still was not interviewed, why?

We receive a large amount of applications from interested candidates making competition for each advertised position very tough.