Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

EULEX Police Operation in Zupče/ Zupç, Zubin Potok municipality

10 prill 2014

10 April 2014

The Mission notes the comments made by Vulović, Mayor of Zubin Potok, early this morning. Mr. Vulović made allegations of maltreatment against a resident of Zubin Potok municipality by EULEX Police. This is contrary to fact. To support the investigation EULEX police video-recorded the whole operation. The video recording clearly shows EULEX police identifying themselves as police – in the Serbian language – and asking the female occupant of the house to remain in her room. She quickly complied. We want to stress that at no time was there any physical contact with her, yet alone any maltreatment. EULEX expects Mr. Vulović to publicly retract his statement and issue a full apology to EULEX, as well as to the international police officers who conducted the operation to the highest degree of professional standards.

Further, the Mission notes Mayor Vulović's statement that the people on the Interpol Arrest Warrant list wanted in relation to the murder of Enver Zymberi are ready to give statements to the prosecutor. We therefore invite Mayor Vulović to encourage any citizens of Zubin Potok who are on that list to present themselves at the nearest police station, to make such statements and subject themselves to due process. Alternatively they can call or email the prosecutors via 038 512 638 or TaskForceMitrovicaPolice@eulex-kosovo.eu with the assistance of their lawyers. If they have nothing to fear, then there should be no problem in presenting themselves to due process.

Finally, the Mission states categorically that it is very interested in engaging with local communities in northern Kosovo, and that its primary interest is in establishing legitimate, predictable and reliable Rule of Law in northern Kosovo so that those same communities no longer have to live under the yoke of organised crime stifling the local economy and ensuring the majority of people live in poverty, while the criminal class enjoy the spoils of criminal activity.