Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

EULEX statement on current situation

27 korrik 2011

27 July 2011

EULEX is very concerned about the current situation in the north of Kosovo and calls on all sides to show restraint and remain calm at this time. The safety and security of all people is paramount. EULEX continues to work actively to ensure this:

EULEX has always supported the restoration of full customs controls at Gates 1 and 31 in a manner that is sustainable and consistent with EU standards. However, the European Union, including EULEX, is not in a position to support measures which are not taken in full consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

The only way forward is through discussion and the issue of customs should be settled during the Pristina-Belgrade Dialogue. Violence benefits no one.

EULEX is backed by all twenty-seven Member States of the European Union and has full support from the High Representative of EU Foreign Policy, Catherine Ashton. EULEX’s mandate was approved by all Member States as well as the Kosovo authorities.