Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Municipal court of Prizren dismisses charges against former judge

08 qershor 2011

Prishtinë/Pristina , 8 June 2011

Today, a EULEX judge at the municipal court of Prizren dismissed the charges against a former judge at the district court of Prishtinë/Pristina, Z.G.

The defendant was charged with abuse of official position and unlawful provision of legal assistance according to the Criminal Code of Kosovo.

After a pre-trial conference, the presiding EULEX judge, acting in the summary proceedings, determined that there was not sufficient evidence.

The prosecution was represented by a Kosovo prosecutor from the SPRK.

During the same session, the presiding judge decided to continue the proceedings against another defendant charged for falsifying documents and scheduled a main trial for 14 June.