Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Prosecutors from Mitrovica/Mitrovice region launch new cooperation programme to strengthen Kosovo’s justice system

17 maj 2011

17 May 2011

EULEX and Kosovo Prosecutors from the Mitrovica/Mitrovice region today discussed and agreed new plans for working together through monitoring, mentoring and advising (MMA) activities during a symposium in Pejë/Pec.

EULEX Chief Prosecutor Johannes van Vreeswijk and Chief State Prosector Ismet Kabashi participated in the discussions and the formal launch of the programme.

Johannes van Vreeswijk said:

“Monitoring, mentoring and advising (MMA) is our investment into the long-term strengthening of Kosovo’s justice system It is absolute key for Kosovo’s EU integration.

“This new programme will improve the performance, transparency and accountability of the prosectution based on international standards and European best practice. It is about Kosovo prosecutors investigating cases with the help and support of EULEX colleagues where needed. It includes the full range of prosecutorial duties, for example information gathering, confication, alternative measures to detention and the police-prosecution relationship. For the Mitrovica/Mitrovice region we agreed to a strong focus on criminal cases.

“Today’s workshop marked an important step in sharing experiences and cooperating on a peer to peer basis. It also helped to ensure that our MMA plans are integrated Kosovo-wide.”

Ismet Kabashi said:

“EULEX Prosecutors play a decisive role primarily in relation to monitoring, mentoring and advising by conveying the best practices of prosecutorial systems of their countries.”

“Regarding the Mitrovica region, when it comes to the area of executive powers EULEX should primarily work in mixed teams. Team work is the best and the most successful manner to build a transparent and independent prosecutorial system. "