Komunikata për Shtyp

Komunikata për Shtyp

Customs steps up on many fronts

08 prill 2011

08 April 2011

In recent weeks EULEX Customs Mobile Units working alongside Kosovo Customs -- at Kosovo’s border crossing points (BCPs), Pristina airport, Mitrovica and other terminals – have registered a number of successes in its main activities, namely mentoring, monitoring and advising (MMA) of Kosovo Customs.

MMA by EULEX Customs aims to strengthen and assist Kosovo Customs in attaining EU best practices. Examples of EULEX Customs undertaking MMA of Kosovo Customs includes mentoring and advising in relation to combating commercial fraud, introducing improved questioning of travelers, search procedures of vehicles, profiling and better intelligence.

EULEX Customs recent achievements, made jointly with Kosovo Customs, include the following: