Head of EULEX visits the Police Inspectorate

14 mars 2014

Bernd Borchardt, the Head of EULEX, visited the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo (PIK) where he was welcomed by the Chief Executive Fitim Shishani.

During the meeting Shishani informed Borchardt on the work and the achievements of the Inspectorate in its mission to ensure an accountable, democratic and transparent police service in Kosovo.

"By using legal powers as an independent agency within the Ministry of Interior, we have played our role in contributing for the Kosovo Police to be an institution which is in service of our society, in service of democracy, but, above all, in service of respecting and enforcing the law throughout the territory of Kosovo”, said Chief Executive Officer of PIK Fitim Shishani

He thanked EULEX Mission for the continuous support in the implementation of its legal mandate.

Bernd Borchardt during the meeting valued the cooperation that the mission has with PIK, and expressed its support that the mission will provide for the Inspectorate in the future.

“The role of PIK is vital as it serves as checks and balances mechanism for the Kosovo Police and ensures that Kosovo has a professional and up-to-standards police service. EULEX has been supporting PIK since 2010 and we would like to continue to do so by providing advisors for the institution”, said Bernd Borchardt. He underlined the keen interest of EULEX in the PIK-findings about the KP performance in Zubin Potok on 12 March 2014.

PIK functions as an executive agency within the Ministry of Interior since 2006. Until the law on the competences of PIK was amended, besides inspections it dealt with complaints related to disciplinary issues. With the amended Law on PIK (03/L-231), which entered into force in December 2010, the agency has strengthened its role in the field of inspection of the Kosovo Police, and has completely changed its scope of investigation activities, by investigating criminal offenses where police officers are involved as suspects.