Verdict in "Kosovo 2.0" case

03 mars 2014

Today, an International Prosecutor and State Prosecutor from the Basic Prosecution Office in Pristina, received verdict in the "Kosovo 2.0" case. A single trial judge at the Pristina Basic Court convicted three persons in relation to incidents that occurred on 14 December 2012 in Pristina.

The accused A.K., G.L., and D.D. were found guilty of Violating the Equal Status of Residents of Kosovo (Article 158 CCK), Preventing or Hindering a Public Meeting (article 173 CCK) and Damage to Movable Property (article 260 CCK). All three defendants were found not guilty of the offence of Light Bodily Harm (Article 153 CCK) due to a lack of evidence regarding injuries. The offense of Inciting National, Racial, Religious or Ethnic Hatred Discord or Intolerance (article 115 CCK), was withdrawn during the trial, as it was covered by the Law on Amnesty. The accused G.L. and D.D. pleaded guilty to all charges, at the beginning of main trial.

The three defendants were each sentenced to six months' imprisonment on the charge of Violating the Equal Status of Residents of Kosovo, four months imprisonment for Preventing or Hindering a Public Meeting, and four months imprisonment for Damage to Movable Property. The aggregate sentence was one year imprisonment. The sentences were suspended for two years.

The incidents occurred at the Youth and Sport Centre in Pristina, where the media NGO Kosovo 2.0 had organized a promotional event for the "Sex" edition of the Kosovo 2.0 magazine. The indictment states that the three accused, together with a group of unknown persons, entered the 'Red Hall' of the Youth and Sport Centre, forcefully prevented and hindered the holding of a public meeting, destroyed part of the inventory and assaulted a Kosovo 2.0 staff member.

This case was investigated by Kosovo Police, led by a mixed team involving one International and one State Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution Office in Pristina.