The verdict in Çyshk/Ćuška case

17 shkurt 2014

International prosecutors with the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) welcome the guilty verdicts handed down in the Çyshk/Ćuška case, in which a total of 106 years' incarceration was handed down by judicial authorities in Serbia to nine individuals for the murder of more than 120 ethnic Albanian civilians in 1999.

During the course of the investigation, over several years, International prosecutors with the SPRK and the EULEX War Crimes Investigators, and others, worked closely with the relevant prosecution authorities in Serbia contributing the ability of this case to progress to this successful conclusion.

International prosecutors in the SPRK and the international investigators with the WCIU provided support in witness identification and interviews; forensics investigations and demographics and facilitating witnesses to provide critical evidence to war crimes prosecutors and the Courts in Serbia.

This case serves as a prime example of the results that can be achieved when good cooperation exists. SPRK international prosecutors look forward to ensuring that ongoing cooperation continues with the relevant judicial authorities in Serbia safeguarding that justice is done for all persons.