Judicial institution, all in one place

15 janar 2014

On Tuesday 14 January 2014, Mats Mattsson, Head of EULEX's Executive Division, together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice, Hajredin Kuçi, inspected the work that is being done relating to the building of the Justice Palace.

A mixed staff of Judges and Prosecutors will work in the new compound. It will bring together local and international judicial staff in one place, offer better working conditions and improve the visibility of and access to the judiciary. There are eight modern court rooms and the general public will have access to the building.

Mattsson stressed the importance for important justice institutions to be in one place, as the work will be done much easier and more effectively. "The close internal cooperation will make it more difficult for power groups to interfere in the judiciary and a strong and independent justice system is the key to the success of any democratic society," he said.

The Minister Kuçi stated that the building of the Justice Palace and the Detention Center will underline the strength of the modern judicial system in Kosovo.

The Palace of Justice is a project co-founded by the Government of Kosovo and the European Union. According to the plan, the building is foreseen to be ready in May, and after that, it will take some time to furnish all the offices.