EULEX Head of Mission visits Prizren

09 tetor 2013

On 9 October 2013, Head of EULEX Bernd Borchardt visited Prizren, where he met with judges at the Basic Court in Prizren and students of the Loyola High School and the University of Prizren.

At the Basic Court in Prizren he was briefed about the work of the judiciary in the region and the cooperation with international judges by the president of the court Ymer Hoxha.

"The court in Prizren is a very good example of the great cooperation with the international judges, a lot of cases are being done in the mixed panels" said Ymer Hoxha adding that the need for EULEX presence and expertise in the field of the judiciary is still necessary.

Bernd Borchardt expressed his full support for their work and effort. "EULEX will continue with its supports within its mandate", said the EULEX Head of Mission.

The visit continued with a public address to the student of the University of Prizren.