Rule of Law 101 – with Kate Fearon

23 gusht 2013

EULEX special advisor to the Head of Mission, Kate Fearon, delivered a presentation on Thursday for the students of the Anglia Summer school program in Kolegji Universum. The presentation was carried out on the request of the University, aiming to help their students have a better understanding on the importance of the rule law and the mandate of EULEX.

Through a presentation, which involved a participative legal simulation, Fearon explained the main principles of justice and the significance of the rule of law as a key building block in Kosovo’s development.

During her presentation, she put a special emphasis on one of the main principles of justice: “It is important to understand the concept of equal application of the law. That means that nobody is above the law, no matter the position, authority or income.” stated Fearon. “For example, if the same crime is committed by two different people, the law should make sure that they both get treated in the same way.” she asserted.

When asked about her opinion on the legislation of Kosovo, Fearon expressed that while there is always room for improving the legislation of any country, the laws in Kosovo provide a good basis for strong rule of law institutions . She added that the Mission welcomed recent Kosovo legislation such as the law on confiscation of assets.