EULEX Head of Mission in Forum 2015

02 korrik 2013

The EULEX Head of Mission Bernd Borchardt participated today in the forum "Rock and Rule: Dancing with EULEX" organized by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society. Participants in the panel included the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Hajredin Kuqi, the LDK Member of Parliament Vjosa Osmani and the deputy head of the Vetevendosje Movement, Shpend Ahmeti. The discussion was moderated by Agron Bajrami, an independent analyst.


The participants discussed the work EULEX has done so far in building capacity within Kosovo’s rule of law institutions, the added value and what the mission can do more in these aspects.

The Head of EULEX emphasized the priorities of the mission stressing partnership as the way forward. “We are here to help Kosovo institutions build rule of law capacities for the long run. We have tools for this like the Visa Liberalization Roadmap and the Compact agreement on common rule of law objectives. We are measuring progress in these areas which will be presented soon in a joint report,” said Borchardt.

The Head of Mission added that EULEX will continue to move towards more joint executive activities in the fight against high level crime, but that he also expects to do this in cooperation with the Kosovo government and the Kosovo society.