EU delegates visit Kosovo

28 qershor 2013

Today, delegates from the European Union member states who make up the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM) concluded a two day visit to Kosovo. The purpose of the visit was to get a first-hand impression of how EULEX is doing by talking to EULEX workers in Kosovo and representatives of Kosovo society.


On the first day of the visit, the CIVCOM delegates met with EULEX's Head of Mission Bernd Borchardt, the deputy Head of Mission Joëlle Vachter, Chief EULEX Prosecutor Jaroslava Novotna and EULEX's Head of Special Prosecution Office Jonathan Ratel.

The delegates travelled from Pristina to pay a visit to Mitrovica and meet with various elements of the Mission. During this visit, CIVCOM met with EULEX judges and prosecutors at the Basic Court of Mitrovica to discuss the progress made and the challenges ahead.

To understand how EULEX supports the implementation of the Pristina-Belgrade dialogue agreements on the ground, the delegates visited the Merdare crossing point to see the Integrated Border/Boundary Management (IBM) in action. IBM was one of the agreements that came out of the dialogue.

To gain a rounded picture of the realities in Kosovo, the delegates met with representatives of Kosovo Civil Society and discussed the rule of law and anti-corruption efforts in Kosovo.

The second day of the visit included meetings with representatives of the EU Office and KFOR, the Minister of European Integration Vlora Citaku and Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Saša Rasic.

To conclude the visit, CIVCOM met with EULEX civil judges to gain better insight into the issues and complications involved in adjudicating civil cases in Kosovo.