Enhancing 'risk profiling' skills at the Pristina International Airport

18 qershor 2013

EULEX and Kosovo Customs held on 18 June 2013 a one-day workshop focused on Risk Profiling and Identification of Risk Indicators at the Pristina International Airport (PIA). The workshop was aimed at giving Kosovo customs officers a glance on the techniques that can be used to reduce the quantity while increasing the quality of controls at the airport.

Joerg Foerster, a EULEX Customs Monitor who organised the workshop, said this offers Kosovo customs officers a chance to enhance their skills in the area of risk profiling, while emphasizing capacity building.

"This workshop is carried out together with the Kosovo Customs Officers from the area of risk analysis. It is a great example of good partnership between EULEX and Kosovo Customs," said Foerster.

EULEX and Kosovo customs officers used this training to share their knowledge and thoughts about the various methods used for risk assessment and profiling besides x-ray screenings of passengers' luggage and other issues related to the safety and security at the airport.

Ardian Jashari, Head of the Customs Office at the Pristina International Airport, welcomed the workshop which, in his words, serves as a refreshment course for customs officers. "We exchanged experiences, and received very good recommendations from the EULEX customs monitors," said Jashari.

The workshop at the PIA brought together approximately fifteen participants marking another successful cooperation between the two organisations. EULEX also produced a booklet with information from the workshop, which customs officers can keep handy while carrying out their duties in the field.