Working together on improving Justice in Kosovo

16 maj 2013

The Head of EULEX Mission Bernd Borchardt, together with Marjana Papa, EULEX Senior Anticorruption Officer, and Jarmo Helppikangas Head of EULEX Human Rights and Legal Office held their second coordination meeting with the Kosovo civil society organizations, which was hosted by KIPRED and took place on 15 May 2013 in the KIPRED premises.

The meeting between EULEX and Kosovo Civil society organizations that work in the areas of transparency, accountability and the fight against corruption aim at better identifying the problems and opportunities for cooperation. These meetings are now being held on a regular basis and their aim is to discuss and coordinate what can be done to help strengthen more the fight against corruption and the establishment of accountable institutions in Kosovo.

Ilir Deda Executive Director of KIPRED welcomed all present and thanked EULEX for the dialogue between the Kosovo Civil Societies and EULEX: “I am glad that we have started and we are continuing this dialogue. I hope that this forum will last in the future and that it will benefit Kosovo,” Deda said.

The main topic of discussion in the second meeting between EULEX and Civil Society in Kosovo was the remarks/comments from both sides on the Amendments of the Law on Declaration of Asset.

During the meeting, the general remarks/comments on the Law on the Declaration of Assets were presented by KIPRED. Marjana Papa, EULEX Senior Anticorruption Office, the representatives of the Group for Legal and Political Studies, FOL Movement, and GAP (Institute for Advanced Studies also presented their comments on the amendments on this law.

The Head of EULEX Mission Bernd Borchardt, said “the general remarks/comments made here today during this meeting are valid and they should be further discussed with government and parliament.”