Head of EULEX Mission meets the Mufti of Kosovo

15 maj 2013

The EULEX Head of Mission, Bernd Borchardt, met the Mufti of Kosovo, Naim Ternava at the headquarters of the Islamic Community of Kosovo.

Borchardt explained the aim of his visit was to gain more information on the work of the Islamic Community of Kosovo and understand some of the difficulties they face.

Mufti Ternava informed Borchardt about the developments, achievements and challenges of this religious community.

“Religious tolerance and coexistence with nations that speak other languages and have different beliefs, is deeply rooted in the tradition of this nation. Currently, cooperation with the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church is very good” said Mufti Ternava.

“The freedom to practice religion is one of the oldest rights achieved in Europe. This right should be the right of all people” said Borchardt.