EULEX Head visits Kosovo high school

07 maj 2013

On 7 May, the Head of EULEX Bernd Borchardt visited a high school in Kaçanik/Kačanik as part of the EU-teach-a-day initiative organised by the office of the EU Special Representative.

Borchardt briefly presented the history of the European Union and explained the benefits and complexities involved in joining the EU.

"To reach all the requirements to become a member of the European Union is quite complicated, but at the same time very attractive for countries. Every step you take, you become more European" said Borchardt.

More than thirty students attended the lecture and were very active in asking questions on Kosovo's European future, visa liberalisation and the work of EULEX in Kosovo. "I have to compliment you for your knowledge about the European Union and well-articulated questions" said Bernd Borchardt.

Ibush Vishi, director of the high school thanked the EULEX Head of Mission and his accompanying staff for the visit.