EULEX campaigns with Kosovo’s rule of law institutions

27 nëntor 2012

Thousands of people from different organisations work every day to build and strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo. A lot of this work is invisible to the general public. Over the last two months EULEX together with six of Kosovo’s most important rule of law institutions, have campaigned intensively to explain the work that is being done behind the scenes. The campaign was conducted on TV, internet and newspapers, by participation in debates and in nine outreach events throughout Kosovo.

Managing Kosovo’s justice system

The Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) and the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) organised different activities to show the work being done in Kosovo’s justice system. Both institutions are relatively unknown by the general public, while these are the most important institutions overseeing Kosovo’s courts and prosecution.

Kosovo prosecutors and judges together with their EULEX colleagues visited three schools, to talk about the criminal system in Kosovo. KJC spokesperson, Aishe Qorraj-Berisha and Head of EULEX Strengthening Division Peter Bach were invited on Sunday’s Magazine - an RTK morning TV show. In a separate event twenty law students were trained by a EULEX judge and prosecutor, in a simulated trial in a mock court room.

Simulated trial with law students of Pristina University


Kosovo Judicial Council and EULEX visit school in Klina


Reforms in Dubrava prison

Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) is another under-exposed rule of law institution. Over 1800 prisoners, sentenced by Kosovo and EULEX judges are being kept in six detention and three correctional centres all over Kosovo. Two schools in the direct neighbourhood of the biggest prison, Dubrava Correctional Centre, were visited to talk with students about what happens behind the prison walls. On RTK’s program Debati the Head of KCS Resmi Hoxha and Head of EULEX Correctional Unit Stephen Johnston talked about the recent reforms in the Dubrava prison to curb corruption.

Explaining Correctional Service on RTK


Discussing Dubrava prison with students in Istog

Police complaints system

The Police Inspectorate of Kosovo (PIK) investigates allegations of misconduct or criminal offences by police officers. During the summer EULEX already developed a TV spot to promote ways that citizens can report complaints. Also a TV documentary was produced to show the process of a PIK investigation from complaint to a verdict before court. To increase the awareness of the PIK in the Kosovo Serb community, two debates were organised in Kamenicë/Kamenica and Gračanica/Graçanicë.

Roundtable about PIK in Gracanica

The awareness raising campaign also included Kosovo Police and Kosovo Customs. For all TV spots and newspaper advertisements, see here.