Andy Sparkes addresses Anti-Corruption Council

12 prill 2012

At the second session of the National Anti-Corruption Council on 12 April, EULEX Deputy Head of Mission Andy Sparkes gave an address to Council members about the fight against corruption in Kosovo. The National Anti-Corruption Council was established by the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, to increase cooperation and coordination among the Kosovo institutions in the forefront of the fight against corruption.

In his address Andy Sparkes complimented the President with the establishment of the Council and praised her role as a leader in the fight against corruption.

“Madam President, I know that you share this commitment to root out corruption, you are a role model, a successful and admired law and order professional of well-known integrity…that is already great news for combating corruption in Kosovo. I pledge EULEX to help you in that battle.”

Andy Sparkes criticised the state of corruption in Kosovo and reiterated the words spoken by US Ambassador Christopher Dell in April, that corruption is deeply rooted in many parts of Kosovo society. He also addressed EULEX’s role in the fight against corruption and results being achieved.

“We are not perfect, we have made mistakes… in its executive capacity EULEX has over 90 on-going investigations into corruption and organised crime and delivered 46 verdicts. EULEX is also fighting corruption in mixed investigation teams with Kosovo prosecutors and Kosovo Police. Amongst cases found guilty by the SPRK, which is lead by a EULEX chief prosecutor, are a mayor, a political advisors, bank directors, business leaders, judges, police officers and senior civil servants.”

At the end of his address Andy Sparkes announced that EULEX will step up its initiatives to increase public awareness about corruption and the fight against corruption. EULEX will distribute T-shirts bearing the hotline number of the Anti-Corruption Agency, and will produce and air TV spots on anti-corruption. EULEX judges, prosecutors and investigators are visiting schools all over Kosovo to engage young people in the fight against corruption. EULEX is producing the mini-series “Justice in One Minute” to explain how the justice system works.

This is currently broadcast on RTK.