Judge orders detention and house arrest in major organised crime case

31 maj 2012

A EULEX pre-trial judge ordered detention on remand for three suspects in a major investigation against organised crime. Three other suspects were given house arrest.

M.B., A.B. and H.H. have been remanded for one month. Three other suspects, E.T., J.O., and V.I. have been put under house arrest for one month. The measure for all suspects will expire on June 29, 2012.

The six suspects are charged with organised crime, tax evasion, fraudulent evasion of import duty and excise tax and money laundering. They are all suspected to have taken part in the smuggling of fuel Kosovo wide.

Many items were seized during the operation that took place on May 29, 2012, including luxury cars.

This case remains under investigation from the EULEX prosecutor from Kosovo’s Special Prosecution Office and EULEX police and customs.