EULEX actions at the gates in northern Kosovo from 16 September

15 shtator 2011

In effect, this means EULEX will help implement the agreement regarding customs stamps reached in Brussels on 2 September in the framework of the EU facilitated Dialogue.

The agreement on the customs stamp was the last missing piece that is needed to relaunch a proper customs system, which we are eager to do. Kosovo became a single customs area under UNMIK in 2000 and has been regarded as such by the EU ever since.

The agreement, which has nothing to do with status, is about taking a big step towards the rule of law in Kosovo, which is in the interest of all communities. The absence of the functioning customs system throughout Kosovo has allowed illegal activity to develop freely, especially but not exclusively in the north of Kosovo. Now we will be much better equipped to deal with this. It is an important step forward, and populations on all sides will benefit. The customs operations at the gates will be conducted by qualified customs experts from EULEX, in the presence of Kosovo customs officers.

EULEX calls on all citizens to support these measures in order to improve the rule of law for everyone.

The details of the measures include: