De Marnhac and Rexhepi visit Gate 3 at Merdar/Merdare

17 maj 2011

The Head of EULEX, Xavier de Marnhac, and the Minister of Internal Affairs Bajram Rexhepi visited Gate 3 at Merdar/Merdare today, where they met border police officers of the Kosovo Police and EULEX.

During this working visit, de Marnhac and Rexhepi were informed about the work that the border police are doing at this gate.

The General Director of Kosovo Police, Reshat Maliqi, and Udo Moeller, the Head of the EULEX Police Component were also present.

De Marnhac told the media who were present at the event that EULEX was in Kosovo to support the local institutions and would continue to do so.

“It is important that we work together. Maybe it is not always attractive for the media to report, but we have our police officers in every station and at the border police offices. Our judges and prosecutors are working with their local counterparts. It is important that the Kosovo rule of law institutions are consolidated”, said de Marnhac.

The Minister of Internal Affairs and the Head of EULEX expressed their satisfaction with the work of the police at this gate, and the cooperation of the police officers in the field.

“It is a joint working visit with the Head of EULEX, and the aim is to perform better and to have better cooperation”, Rexhepi told the media, adding that “there is a joint commitment to achieve greater successes and to have a more positive Progress Report in the future”

After Gate 3, de Marnhac and Rexhepi visited the police station in Podujevë/Podujevo and the Regional Directorate of the border police in Lluzhan/Lužane.