Programmatic Approach: Phase II begins!

07 dhjetor 2009

Kosovo Institutions and EULEX have finalized the joint programming of the monitoring, mentoring and advising (MMA) activities in the broader Rule of Law area for the next year. The Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuqi and the Deputy Head of EULEX Roy Reeve met in order to mark the end of the planning phase and the start of all MMA activities (MMA Action Fiches)

More on the Programmatic Approach

The process of agreeing and implementing EULEX MMA Action Fiches started at the beginning of August this year.The Fiches were jointly designed by EULEX and local institutions in a way that clearly links to the EULEX Mission aims and objectives and target areas of organizational weakness in the police, justice and customs service. The planning process was inspired by the recommendations contained in the EULEX Programme Report issued in July this year.

“We have developed a joint roadmap, and from now on we will measure progress together, in full partnership” said Deputy Prime Minister Kuqi, adding “The activities and projects agreed with EULEX will also be fully integrated in the 2010 plans of the various Ministries involved”. The substance of the MMA partnership was formally approved by the Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting held on 17 November 2009.

During the meeting it was also agreed to open the participation of Civil Society and NGOs to this process. On the 15th of December representatives from the various Ministries involved (Justice, Internal Affairs and Economy and Finance), together with EULEX, will host a workshop with Civil Society and NGOs. The workshop will include an introductory note on the progress registered in MMA endeavors, followed by outlines on specific Action Fiches.