Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

The concept of BMS successfully applied at Jarinje/Jarinjë crossing

24. oktobar 2012. god.

24 October 2012

EULEX police have arrested one individual at the Jarinje/Jarinjë crossing point in northern Kosovo after using the newly-introduced computer Border Management System (BMS). The individual was wanted by Pristina Municipal Court on a warrant related to an attempted rape case. The individual was due to serve a prison sentence of one and a half years. His identity was confirmed by the computer system.

“This shows how effective the BMS system can be. The introduction and successful application of this computer system is important for Kosovo on its path to achieving EU standards. EULEX Border/Boundary Department North also needs to be congratulated for their swift and alert work,” said EULEX Chief Spokesperson, Nicholas Hawton.

Kosovo police at Gate 1 Jarinje/Jarinjë confirmed the validity of the arrest warrant and contacted KP Leposavic which then sent a patrol to the Gate. Since the suspect was not in their system, they needed a written order from EULEX to take over the suspect. Following the procedures, the suspect was transferred to South Regional KP. The wanted individual was taken to Pristina, and later transferred to another detention centre. The incident happened on 19 October.