Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

Verdict on drug trafficking and organized crime

04. novembar 2011. god.

04 November 2011

Yesterday, a panel presided by a EULEX judge at the Prishtinë/Priština District Court issued a verdict on a drug trafficking and organised crime case. An individual was found guilty for taking part in a cross European criminal traffic.

The defendant, in detention on remand since May 2011, decided to plead guilty on the 26th of October 2011, and has been sentenced today to 6 and a half years of imprisonment together with a fine of 15.000 Euros. This rapid procedure followed a lengthy investigation forcefully led by EULEX prosecutors from Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) resulting with the seizure of more than 12 kilos of heroin outside Kosovo, several arrests and convictions abroad. SPRK was in charge of the Kosovo side of this wide spread organization.

The investigation was made possible thanks to the international legal assistance between Western European countries and EULEX.