Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

B.V. sentenced to 4 and half years

19. maj 2011. god.

19 May 2011

On 19 May, a panel of EULEX judges from the Mitrovicë/a District Court sentenced B.V. to four and half years imprisonment for causing grievous bodily harm and light bodily harm committed in Lesak, on 21 February 2010. The Eulex judges also ordered the defendant to pay compensation of 20,000 Euros to the victim of the grievous bodily harm and 4000 Euros to the victim of light bodily injury. The defendant has been ordered to be remanded in detention pending final verdict. The offences were committed in the Muncipality of Leposavic.

The EULEX Prosecutor in the main trial also filed another indictment against the same B.V. on 12 May in a different case. The indictment was filed for the criminal offences of attempted murder, causing general danger and unauthorized possession of weapons, committed in Leposavic/q in August and December 2008.