Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

Verdict on a murder case

07. februar 2011. god.

Pristina 07 February 2011

Today, at the District Court in Pristina, a mixed panel of two EULEX judges and a Kosovo judge issued the following verdict in a murder case:

B.H. and S.Q. were found guilty of jointly committing the criminal offence of aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder and unauthorized ownership, control, possession or use of weapons. On 27-28 September 2007 at Lepenc Bridge, near the village of Soponica, they ambushed a car transporting five passengers, opening fire with two AK 47 automatic rifles at. As a consequence, three of the passengers died, fourth was seriously injured, while the fifth person didn’t suffer body injuries.

B.H. and S.Q. were both sentenced to 33 years of imprisonment and to pay 25,000 Euros to the injured parties as a partial compensation for the moral damage suffered.

A.V. was found guilty of unauthorized ownership, control, possession or use of weapons, and he has to pay a fine of 5,000 Euros. The fine shall be paid by him within three months after the judgement has become final. This criminal offence is not related to the events of Lepenc Bridge.

N.C. was acquitted of all charges.

The prosecution was represented by a local prosecutor from the Special Prosecution Office of Kosovo (SPRK).