Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

Searches and arrests related to organised crime and smuggling

15. septembar 2010. god.

From early this morning EULEX Police Executive Department and Kosovo Customs officers, supported by EULEX Special Police Department, has been carrying out several searches Kosovo wide in four companies and the private residences of seven suspects.

The searches are in connection with an ongoing investigation into organised crime, suspicion of smuggling of fuel, tax evasion and misuse of economic authorization.

Following the searches, the EULEX prosecutor from Pristina District Court authorized the arrest and police detention of five suspects. The remaining two suspects are currently abroad.

The searches were duly authorized by a pre-trial judge of the District Court of Pristina.

The ongoing investigation is carried out by EULEX Police Executive Department and Kosovo Customs under the supervision of an EULEX prosecutor from the Pristina District Court.