Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

EULEX presents its 2nd Programme Report

04. juni 2010. god.

04 June, 2010


At the news conference today, EULEX presented its Programme Report 2010 which analyses the progress made by the Kosovo institutions in the rule of law area during the past twelve months in terms of the monitoring, mentoring and advising carried out by EULEX.

The Deputy Head of EULEX Roy Reeve and the Head of the EULEX Programme Office Alessio Zuccarini presented to media the main areas of progress as well as the challenges ahead of the Kosovo police, customs and the justice system, which were identified in the report.

The report indicates that some positive, gradual, realistic and sustainable progress has been achieved. However, the report also points out that the problems that are being tackled are substantial and there are no quick fixes. According to the report, the main challenges remain in the justice system in Kosovo.

“Improvement of the rule of law cannot be solved in a matter of months. This takes time and a lot of hard work, particularly from the institutions that we are working with”, said Roy Reeve, the Deputy Head of EULEX.

The establishment of an anti-corruption task force in the Kosovo Special Prosecution Office (SPRK) is stated as a positive step forward in the report. In addition, the report says that progress was made by Kosovo Police in the transfer of responsibility for Green Border surveillance.

However, the report indentifies interference in the justice system at different levels and in different ways. “This interference, in criminal and civil proceedings, has resulted in practical problems – such as the pre-emptive abstention of local judges and prosecutors to deal with sensitive cases.” Separately, the report states: ‘There has been a lack of progress in establishing the basic mechanisms of co-operation and co-ordination between prosecutors and Kosovo Police, as well as between prosecution offices and courts”.

“This report makes EULEX and the Kosovo government more accountable and transparent by introducing a new monitoring mechanism which includes clear benchmarks and commits us to achieving these benchmarks”, said the Head of the EULEX Programme Office Alessio Zuccarini, adding that the participation and oversight of civil society will also contribute to increased accountability and sustainability of the reform efforts.

The Programme Report 2010 is based on the 12 months constant reporting by EULEX monitors placed within Kosovo justice, police and customs institutions as part of implementation of MMA action fiches. The report provides tangible results of monitors working together with their local counterparts throughout Kosovo.
The report concentrates on the MMA mandate of EULEX and not on EULEX’s limited executive powers.

The full report in English language can be obtained by clicking the icon below.