Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

Shared Commitment to Strengthen the Rule of Law

19. maj 2010. god.

The Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board meeting, co-chaired by Yves de Kermabon,  Head of EULEX, and Hajredin Kuci, Deputy Prime Minister, held its 17th meeting today at EULEX HQ in Pristina.

Mr. de Kermabon stated that EULEX had done a lot of work in fulfilment of its executive mandate lately, highlighting the important work on the potential mass grave in Raska. “All EULEX activities are being undertaken in order to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo. This is something that we will continue doing. This is also the goal of the government with whom we have excellent coperation, a trend that is ongoing,” Mr. de Kermabon said.

Mr. Kuci, Deputy Prime Minister, expressed gratitude for EULEX’s work in the rule of law sphere in the context of Kosovo’s process of EU integration.

Regarding the need to appoint 9 missing members to the Independent Review Board to enable it to urgently deal with a back log of pending cases, Ahmet Shala, Minister of Finance, said these appointments would be made by the next JRCB meeting on 7 July.

Haki Demolli, Minister of Justice, and Bajram Rexhepi, Minister of Internal Affairs, said that the selection of 30 KP officers and 5 experts to the Anti-Corruption Task Force would also be completed by the next JRCB meeting.

Deputy Prime Minister Kuci emphasized the importance of appointing a Director of Forensic Medicine because of the government’s strong commitment to Missing Persons and to reconciliation.

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