Saopštenja za medije

Saopštenja za medije

De Kermabon: “Strong, fair and multiethnic rule-of-law institutions make the so-called parallel structures irrelevant

14. januar 2010. god.

On the occasion of his visit to Ranillug/Ranilugu, on Thursday the 14th January, the EULEX Head of Mission Yves de Kermabon made the following statement:
“EULEX is determined to help to reinforce the Kosovo institutions in the rule of law area. Strong, fair and multiethnic rule-of-law institutions for all communities are the only option. This will be a guarantee for a fair justice and will make the so-called parallel structures irrelevant.

We are not in Kosovo to govern, but to help the Kosovo authorities in the rule of law area. Until now, we have worked in the North on a step by step approach. This approach proved quite efficient. As minister Pajaziti said recently, we believe that dialogue is the way forward, not the use of force.

EULEX does not recognize neither assist the so-called parallel structures in Kosovo. Our mandate is clear on that. It is drawn from the Joint Action decided by all 27 member states of the EU. It says that we are here to assist the Kosovo institutions, judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies.
The political decision by Belgrade to nominate judges for Serb courts in Kosovo has to be dealt with urgently. EULEX is working on the reestablishment of a functioning justice in North Mitrovica, has reopened the court and conducted five trials there. Our top priority now is to get Kosovo Serb and Kosovo Albanian judges and prosecutors back to the Mitrovica District Court, so that justice can be delivered by a local, multiethnic and single judiciary. In no other places in Europe do we have two judicial systems operating at the same time and at the same place. Two jurisdictions would be no justice. This will trigger conflicting decisions which will go against the rights of the population. There can be only one judicial system in Kosovo.”

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