De Marnhac: Happy to have the minister back in office

10. juli 2012. god.

The Head of EULEX, Xavier de Marnhac has met Hajredin Kuçi, who today reassumed his positions as Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice.

During the meeting they discussed about joint work between the two institutions and agreed that this cooperation should continue in the future in order to improve the rule of law in Kosovo.

“As the head of the rule of law mission in Kosovo, you can imagine that I am happy to have the Minister of Justice again as a counterpart. In the past, we had a lot of good cooperation, and I’m sure we will continue this in the months to come”, said de Marnhac, adding that there were many pending issues to deal with, starting with the Joint Rule of Law Coordination Board that is intended to resume before the end of this month.

Minster Kuçi re-emphasised his commitment to improvement of rule of law in Kosovo.

“With Mr. de Marnhac we have had good cooperation in the past, and we will continue in this manner in the future. I want to thank him for the work done so far, and I want to guarantee that as I Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice that we will work in the future with all our capacity so that rule of law is implemented based on Euro-Atlantic standards”, said Kuçi.