Continuing school outreach activities in Kosovo

25. maj 2012. god.

Jonathan talked about the current state of the rule of law in Kosovo by posing questions to the pupils, and then discussing their answers. This interactive approach and the ideas presented were well-received by the students and the teachers present.

“I have worked in many places around Kosovo, dealing with different cases. My experience tells me that we should deal more and more with the real issues that affect people in their daily lives. It is important to visit places like this to hear the concerns of young people and to explain the role and work of EULEX,” said Welford-Carroll.

Also on the same day, Jeremy Lang, Special Assistant to the Deputy Head of Mission, gave an interactive presentation on the importance of the rule of law to a group of students of Skenderbeu high school in Kaçanik/Kacanik.

“I really enjoyed talking to the pupils at Kaçanik/Kacanik. We enjoyed an active discussion about what rule of law means in everyday life and looked at what the government, EULEX and the pupils themselves could do to bolster the rule of law in Kosovo. There were some really good answers to some quite tricky questions and I was impressed with how informed a lot of the pupils were. I now expect all of the pupils to go on to high-flying careers in the judiciary, executive and legislature!” said Jeremy Lang.

Both school visits sparked lively discussions and students were curious about a number of issues including how the media can affect perceptions of the fairness of a trial.

If you would like to see what students have to say about our outreach visits then take a look at our Facebook page: EULEX Kosovo (official)