Proving criminal intent

08. februar 2012. god.

The EULEX prosecutor’s office in Prizren has begun an initiative to improve the understanding of the issue of ‘criminal intent’.

In some recent cases, the issue of criminal intent has not been properly addressed during local investigations and in indictments. This resulted in a number of cases being dismissed by the court.

In order to improve the situation, a special training seminar took place entitled ‘Intent in Criminal Proceedings’ developed for the local District and Municipal Public Prosecutors of Prizren. The seminar was led by, Cezary Michalzuk, the chief EULEX Prosecutor in Prizren.

‘The training focused on the importance of intent in proving a criminal offence. It emphasised the difficulties that arise when it comes to demonstrating intent and, at the same time, provided tools and ideas to overcome these impediments’, explained Michalzuk.  

The second part of the training dealt with offences that local prosecutors have to deal with on a regular basis such as human trafficking, the issuing of unlawful judicial decisions and the abuse of official position or authority.

‘Throughout the seminar the participation of the local prosecutors was very active and resulted in interesting legal discussions amongst themselves and the EULEX Prosecutor’, said Michalczuk.

This has been one of several training sessions organised by EULEX prosecutors in Prizren within the framework of the programme ‘Lunch and the Law’ where different topical legal issues are presented and debated, and best European practice is explained.