Work started at Zhilivoda/Žilivoda

30. septembar 2010. god.

The Head of EULEX Yves de Kermabon has paid a short visit to an alleged mass grave site at Zhilivoda/Žilivoda. The area is one of the biggest potential exhumation sites discovered in Kosovo during the past few years.

Krassimir Nikolov, the EULEX Exhumation Coordinator, explained that to reach the level where the alleged mass grave is located will take time. ‘A lot of work has to be done before we can reach the level where the body remains might be. We will not be able to reach there this year and the work will have to continue into the new year. We will not have any results until the end of summer 2011.’

The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) is providing logistical and technical help at the site.