“Practice Makes Perfect”

06. mart 2010. god.


The EULEX Special Police Department has carried out a major exercise to prepare for any potential security emergencies.

The exercise took place on 06 March 2010 at various locations including Batlava and Camp Vrelo near Prishtina/Priština Airport.

Different units of the Special Police Department were involved including the Close Protection Unit, the Intervention Group, the Special Dogs Handlers Unit (K9) unit and the Crowd and Riot Control unit (CRC).

The Special Police Department Medical Unit demonstrated its mass casualty procedures and the EULEX medical evacuation helicopters were also involved in the exercise.

The exercise also included one special SPD member called ‘Wally’. This EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) robot took the honor for the final act in the exercise and removed the “explosive” device.

“The exercise resulted in a lot of lessons learned but also confirmed that the Special Police Department is ready for rapidly changing situations, at any given moment and at any place in our area of responsibility,” said Cornelis Pieter Christofor Kuijs, Head of the Special Police Department.