Strengthening riot-control capabilities

17. juni 2009. god.

As part of preparations for any possible unrest in Kosovo, EULEX Police in coordination with KFOR organised the biggest riot exercise so far this year. French EULEX Special Police Units dealt with KFOR soldiers who were acting as demonstrators. The exercise took place on 17 June at KFOR Camp Vrello which is close to Prishtinë/Priština Airport.

The 85 French officers divided into four platoons and four Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) dealt with several hundred KFOR “demonstrators”. The exercise lasted for more than three hours and consisted of various scenarios including the throwing of objects and close encounter rioting. “This was the biggest crowd control exercise that we have done until now and it was very successful”, said Col Herve Massiot, Head of EULEX International Police Group.

In case of real incidents, the Kosovo Police is the first in line to deal with such incidents. They are supported by the EULEX Special Police Units as a second line. KFOR acts as the third responder, if needed.

This is the fourth time that EULEX, in coordination with KFOR, is having an exercise to strengthen its riot control capabilities