De Marnhac visits Shtërpcë/Štrpce

17 nëntor 2011

The Head of EULEX, Xavier de Marnhac has visited the municipality and police station in Shtërpcë/Štrpce as a part of his ongoing visits around Kosovo.

He met Dragan Ivanovic the Commander of the police station who briefed him on the current situation and the police’s daily work in this mixed-ethnic region. Ivanovic said there were no major crime problems at the moment, that freedom of movement was secured, and there were no major inter-ethnic problems at this time.

“Shtërpcë/Štrpce police station was the first multi-ethnic police station in Kosovo, and we are the example of how everything can function without major issues”, Ivanovic said.

Xavier de Marnhac expressed his full support for their work and effort. “At the moment, all attention is focused on the north, but we have to remember that other parts of Kosovo are also very important and need our full support and assistance “, said the EULEX Head of Mission.

The visit continued with a meeting at the Municipality with Lela Petkovic (Deputy Mayor), Dalibor Jevtic, (Head of the Mayor’s Cabinet), and Beqir Fejzullahu (Head of the Communities Office). Municipality officials informed de Marnhac about their current work and priorities. “One of our important plans for the future is the construction of a second ski resort at Brezovicë/Brezovica”, said Lela Petkovic. She explained how that project will help the region, increase tourism, and improve the local economy.